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Orography information example

The orography of the land site has a strong impact on the local wind climate. Much work can be saved from having access to digital maps from the area of interest. We offer downloading and processing of the information for your area and delivered in your preferred format (GeoTiff, ASCII XYZ, ...).


The orography information is available for the entire landmass of the Earth between 60°N and 57°S with a spatial resolution 3 arc sec (~90 m).

3D view of an area in Spain. Copyright ARMINES/Ecole des Mines de Paris

The image above covers 20 km x 20 km over Spain. It allows a precise representation of the relief variation and can be easily use by software such as WAsP, WindPRO, WindFarm, GH WindFarmer, WindSim, Meteodyn WT ...

Accuracy and resolution

The quality of the data is 3.3 m rms over open landscape and the maximum systematic shifts detected are 4-6 m.

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