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In this section, a relevant set of links are proposed.

Project links:

Other Resources links:

  • The ANEMOS Project about Wind Resource Forecasting

    This project is related to the 'Development of a Next Generation Wind Resource Forecasting System for the Large-Scale Integration of Onshore and Offshore Wind Farms'. ANEMOS is a EU R&D Project (ENK5-CT-2002-00665). It aims to develop accurate models that outperform considerably actual state-of-the-art, for onshore and offshore wind resource forecasting (statistical and physical). Emphasis is given on integrating high-resolution meteorological forecasts. For the offshore case, marine meteorology will be considered as well as information by satellite-radar images. An integrated software, ANEMOS, will be developed to host the various models. This system will be installed by several utilities for on-line operation at onshore and offshore wind farms for local/regional/national wind prediction. The applications are characterised by different terrains and climates, on-/near-/off-shore farms, interconnected or island grids. The on-line operation by the utilities will permit to validate the models and to analyse how predictions can contribute to a competitive integration of wind energy in the developing liberalised electricity market. (Duration: 2002.10.01 - 2006.09.30)

  • The WaveClimate service

    Safety, environmental security and operational cost reduction in the marine engineering, deep-water exploration and shipping industries depend critically on accurate information on wind and wave conditions. For instance, certain operations can only be safely carried out in conditions where average wave height is below a certain threshold or where long waves are absent.

    Statistics on seasonal wind and wave averages help to plan the best times for marine activities such as surveying, dredging, and salvage. The same information is useful for insuring operations taking place at a given place and time

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